The Pilatus PC-12: "World's greatest single!"

Crafted in Switzerland

«Pilatus PC-12 - One of a kind; ready for anything»

The PC-12

The World's Best Single.

With over seven million flight hours, the PC-12 has proven to be the most versatile and popular business aircraft in the world. It is an original impossible to copy.


Smooth performance

500 km / h, 30,000 feet above sea level. Thanks to its performance and the use of a single engine, the Pilatus PC-12 is the most ecological of turboprops emitting the lowest amounts CO2 in its class.


Since its inception, it has established itself as the safest in its category.


6 executive seats, isolated toilets, the PC-12 is the most spacious of the small business jets.

An experienced crew

Univair favors quality and personalized service. The captains have all worked for many years with the company and have extensive experience in charter flights. Holders of an airline pilot license, they also have an instructor rating. They will ensure the quality and safety of your flight.

They have extensive flying experience (+ 15,000 hours for the main ones) and some have already made 3 round-the-world trips and a dozen crossings to Europe in PC-12.


Comfort in flight

All these qualities, combined with a large cabin, will make you greatly appreciate the PC-12. At Univair, our aircraft is configured in a 6 executive seat version, business class type, which will allow you during flights to work at your ease or to rest in comfortable and adjustable seats.

The PC-12 also has a large cargo door in addition to its passenger access, which allows it to carry much larger packages than its competitors, and all your luggage.

Big plus: the PC-12 has a real completely isolated toilet.


Safety to the end

This aircraft is powered by a Pratt and Whitney PT6A turbine, which has an unrivaled reputation for reliability. In addition, its advanced flight instruments, comparable to an airliner, allow it to fly up to 30,000 feet, in all conditions and in complete safety.

In addition, at Univair Aviation, we have a satellite meteorological reception system which provides the crew with live information on changing conditions in real time. Our PC-12 equipped with 2 VHF radios, an HF radio, and a satellite telephone, is in constant communication with air traffic control throughout the world, ensuring the best possible reliability and safety.


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